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May 27, 2007, 4:13 am
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The Tygs lost more than the game today. This morning, Fernando Rodney took up residence on the 15-day DL; then Placido Polanco, our delightful little sparkplug, left the game with a strained oblique; and after that, Jason Grilli took a direct hit off his knee and had to leave the game. Which he and Seay, by the way, blew to put us a game and a half back of Cleveland.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not Rodney’s biggest fan. In fact, I’m probably one of his more blatant anti-fans. I hate it when he comes into the game, because it seems like he always blows it. I realize the stats refute this, but tell that to the gnawing creatures in my stomach. Even so, I’m definitely not happy about losing him for any length of time, not with Kenny Rogers and Joel Zumaya on the DL already. One of the keys to a good season is simply staying healthy, and the injury bug is starting to hit us hard.

According to the Tigers website, Polly and Jason are not supposed to be out too long. The idea of losing Polanco again makes me nauseous. People can say anything they want about Pudge being the heart and soul of the Tigers, or Carlos Guillen, or Maggs–but really, it’s Polly. He is the spark, the little engine that makes the team go. He does so much, and a lot of it even goes unnoticed. Like the play he made in the first inning yesterday, ranging ridiculously far to his left and firing a seed to Casey at first. Nobody ever talks about his defense–but no one ever worries about it either. Was that the best trade ever or what? We give up Ugueth Urbina, now in jail for attempted murder if I’m correct, and get one of the most complete ballplayers out there. No, Randy Smith, I don’t miss you one tiny bit!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to shift focus to positive stuff. Such as Marcus Thames reminding everyone what a complete BEAST he is, and I use that term in the most complimentary way possible. He broke his bat, pieces of it flying through the air, and he still managed to blast that ball well over the fence. Gotta love Marcus.

I realize the situation doesn’t look so great right now, but it’s just May. We’ve still got what, 16 more games against these guys? Two games look big right now, but we’ve still got a lot of time to make up the ground. We just need to stop getting HURT, that’s all!

Totally Random Final Thought: Rafael Betancourt tugs his cap brim CONSTANTLY. If he gets in tomorrow, just keep an eye on him. As you could probably tell, he’s driving me nuts.


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