Tigers On Top

In Which the Tigers Blow Yet Another Lead
May 31, 2007, 4:07 am
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Unspeakably depressing.

As Cleveland lost their series to Boston (unfortunately not getting swept), we twiddled our thumbs and lost our series to Tampa Bay. Far less respectable, I’d say.

Apparently Rays pitchers feed off getting whomped early. Like Jackson before him, Shields bounced back horrifically well from a first-inning shelling while Little Nate and Co. imploded in slow motion for a 5-3 loss.

Things the Tigers Announcers Were Wrong About

Runs. While Detroit was busy scoring three first-inning runs, the two broadcasters noted happily that there were still runs aplenty left for Little Nate after last night’s outburst. Obviously not. 

Shields. I distinctly remember somewhere around the fifth inning, Rod Allen said the Tigers were still in good shape, because Shields would undoubtedly be leaving the game soon, giving way to the Devil Rays’ soft underbelly of a bullpen. Shields pitched a complete game.

Something to Consider Seriously

Todd Jones recently made a good point in his Detroit Free Press column. Troy Percival is attempting a comeback, and he wants to do it with the Tigers. Citing examples of Troy’s loyalty to the Tigers organization, Jonesy advocated letting him try it. Let’s take this a step further, shall we?

Percival vs. Mesa. Both are pretty old, even over the hill, you might say. So they’re even there. Mesa has sucked all year, pretty much. Percival potentially might suck, but has not, as of yet, actually sucked. Mesa declared he would hit Omar Vizquel the next ten times he faced him after reading Omar’s autobiography. (Begging the question, when you are as ridiculously old, in baseball terms, as Mesa, WHY ARE YOU STILL ACTING LIKE A POUTING FOUR-YEAR-OLD?!) Percival has volunteered his services to his former organizations, the Angels and Tigers, as a scout and roving pitching coach. Jobs he does not have to do–he does not lack for money, and certainly those aren’t incredibly high-paying or even high-prestige jobs–but which he does because he loves the game. It speaks volumes that Percival did not play at all in the 2006 season, yet the Tigers still voted him a full playoff share.

In conclusion: Let’s dump Mesa as soon as Percival is ready and give him a shot. He can’t possibly be any worse (knock on wood), and he deserves the shot so much more it’s almost laughable.

(Injury) Bug Bites

Two more Tigers fell victim to the injury bug. Brandon Inge got his big toe fractured on Tuesday. Apparently it is many brilliant and contrasting colors. Brandon being Brandon, of course, he intends to play as soon as it is un-swollen enough to fit in his spikes. Reminds me of gymnasts, with that delightfully insane “Shoot me up with painkillers, man, I can play!” mentality.

Carlos Guillen also incurred a strained groin muscle of some sort. So now we have to play without most of our bullpen, as well as most of our infield. Wonderful.

Four games series with Cleveland at the Jake begins tomorrow. You may now commence all proven lucky superstitions.


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