Tigers On Top

Nate Gets Shafted, Jason Screws Up Royally, and the Tygs Still Win
August 8, 2007, 1:11 pm
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Well, I think we can safely say Little Nate Robertson is back. What a performance he put on last night! I can’t remember the last time I felt that confident in one of our starting pitchers. He pitched 7 and two-thirds beautiful innings, and I was most confused when Leyland lifted him in the eighth. One out to go, come on! Nate should’ve at least gotten one chance to get said final out. He’d come that far, hadn’t he? With NINE strikeouts! And NO walks! What more could you ask of him? And for once he’d gotten support from the offense!

Nate left with a 6-2 lead and a runner on; my beloved Jason Grilli came in and by the end of his outing even I wanted to give him a swift shake and go, “What the hell are you doing?!” I would ask the same question of Jim Leyland, who normally I view as practically infallible. One, why was Nate even taken out in the first place? Two, why was Grilli allowed to pitch to Jonny Gomes, who had tripled in his last at bat (yes, Curtis lost the ball in the clouds, but still), with the bases loaded when Jason had shown that he could not throw a non-gopher strike? Three, after the freaking grand slam to tie the game, why did he KEEP GRILLI IN THERE? Only after he gave up yet another base hit–my buddy got no one out–did Leyland finally go, “Oh yeah, Byrdak’s been warm for about two innings, let’s give him a try.” Byrdak, of course, immediately got a ground out to end the inning.

At this point, I had pretty much decided that the Tigers were in fact lying on Monday. But Ryan Raburn, definitely my favorite of the Tiger Cubs, proved me completely wrong!!! The delightful boy led off the eighth with a double, and we quickly scored three runs to snatch the lead back from the nasty Devil Rays. Then my boy Jonesy came in and got his thirtieth save. Just gave up the one harmless single, and fittingly Carlos Pena made the final out. If Jonesy can get thirteen or more saves over the remainder of the season, he’ll break his own record for most saves by a Tiger in a single season! How about that?!

It was a great night for pitching and hitting alike, except for Jason’s horrific appearance (which I hope hasn’t scarred him for life; he’s a good pitcher, just had a bad night). Poor Little Nate didn’t get the win he so richly deserved, but he’s a great ballplayer so the Tigers win was plenty for him (especially since the Indians and Yankees continued to roll. Feh.). Everybody but C-Mo got a hit; Raburn, Polanco and Maggs had three apiece! Maggs’ average is up to .354, heeheehee. I would very much like it if he and Polly (.346) finished 1-2 in the AL batting race. Brandon Inge also was thiiiiiis close to a homer, which instead became an RBI triple. Gotta get his average up a bit, because for some completely inane and invalid reason, one must have a good batting average to win a Gold Glove. (How, exactly, does a defensive award have anything to do with offense????) And Brandon MUST win the third base Gold Glove, given Eric Chavez’s chronic absences from the A’s.

A good night all around, in conclusion, and we better keep it rolling tonight because our rivals show absolutely no sign of letting up. Chad Durbin will hopefully make a triumphant return to the rotation–a win would be a nice Welcome To The World gift for his new son Cade, would it not? 


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