Tigers On Top

The Tigers Will Make Me Bipolar
August 9, 2007, 2:07 pm
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One day, it seems like the Tygs can’t lose. They (well, Raburn) just won’t let it happen. Then you get days like today and yesterday where you wonder exactly how the playoffs ever seemed like a realistic idea.

The offense has gone silent again, never a good thing, and the pitching is suddenly mushy as well. Bondo didn’t have all that bad of a first today, shockingly, but he had a painful outing in general. The Tygs blew what scoring chances they had, and lost the final two games of the Devil Rays series by an aggregate score of 15-2. At least we didn’t get shut out. At least Marcus Thames is back. At least in someone’s mind, Shields and Kazmir are star pitchers in the making.

Somehow, this doesn’t make me feel any better. Nor does the idea that the A’s are coming in for four. Sure, the Greenies don’t have the most potent offense, but they do have a crazy pitching staff, despite being decimated by injuries. And a great pitching staff is not just what the doctor ordered for our offense. Neither, for that matter, is the general patience of the A’s hitters. Normally for me (as a Bay Area native) this patience is delicious–not so when the A’s are playing my Tigers. Then it’s just infuriating.

Anyways, we absolutely must get going against the A’s. Whatever it takes, get the bats hot and the pitching hotter. We must continue to breathe down Cleveland’s neck, even as the Yankees and Twins pant down ours. (Okay, that image was not very pleasant.) We still have the best damn team out there, no matter what anyone says.


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