Tigers On Top

Makes You Go Blaaarrrrgggghhhh
August 11, 2007, 10:25 am
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Could that game have been any uglier?

Wait, don’t answer that.

Jordan Tata left his Win Mojo in Oakland. Yet the offense somehow kicked it into gear and stormed back from an 8-1 deficit to take a 9-8 lead. Mr. Moonshot announced his return with a very big bang, smashing that grand slam off Joe Blanton. And then … well, I think we all know by now the bullpen sucks. Sometimes I just don’t understand Jim Leyland. I mean, Macay McBride was pretty obviously done, as in STICK A FORK IN HIM, and yet Leyland allowed him to pitch to Jack Cust with the bases loaded? Jack Cust whose nickname is Babe? Jack Cust who has the most insane knack for gigantic dramatic home runs? That Jack Cust? Yes indeed. That Jack Cust.

That Jack Cust hit one of the most impressive homers I’ve ever seen. Straightaway center in any ballpark isn’t easy, but in our ballpark that’s just craziness. Sheer craziness, especially with the crowd being all nutso. And Cust had to feel some pressure, being up with the bases loaded and all A’s fans everywhere expecting a grand slam. He delivered. Man, did he deliver. And then the A’s added four more runs, just to make it hurt some more. At least Grandy got another triple … but man, you just think that when the Boys come back from being down so far, they’ll hang onto that lead like nobody’s business. With the Yankees and Indians playing each other, we’re losing ground on someone every day.

Verlander better be good today. The starting pitching is getting to be almost as awful as the bullpen.


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