Tigers On Top

In Which I Finally Return From Iowa and the Tigers Return to Detroit and Winning
August 22, 2007, 11:40 am
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Was that a gorgeous pitching duel or what?! All hail Jair Jurrjens. I find it really difficult to reconcile the fact that he’s my age and pitching crazy well in the major leagues. I also find it difficult to pronounce his name. But hey, you gotta love him right now!

The offense showed up juuuust enough for Jurrjens to get the win. Back to back homers from Maggs and Guillen, and there are all your runs, rook. Do what you will. Jurrjens decided the prudent thing to do would be to continue confounding the Indians (while allowing a solo home run for a bit more spice). That was the only hit they got! Heeheehee!

To make everything even more joyous, our beloved Joel Zumaya closed out the seventh, with Rodney shutting them down in the eighth, and Jonesy showing us the Strike Machine half of his nature in the ninth. That is how all games should go. Tygs get at least one more run than the other team, starter goes at least six innings, then Zoom Zoom, Rodney, and Jonesy. Perfect!

Not so perfect was the road trip. As you may have guessed, I was also on the road during the Tigers road trip. I was in Iowa while they were in the grand metropolises of Cleveland and New York, but whatever. As they lost horribly and frequently I went to Field of Dreams, the insane Iowa State Fair, and saw my friend get married. (Yes, the wedding was the purpose of the trip; otherwise you’d NEVER catch me in Iowa … well, except for a gymnastics meet in Iowa City, haha). Then we almost got stuck in Des Moines as we were trying to leave, and got actually stuck in Denver. Add this to the losing and the not pitching and the not hitting and I was not the happiest camper ever.

But once again, all seems to be well! If Jurrjens can beat the Indians, so can Justin! Looking ahead (but trying not to look tooooo closely at the fact that we’re playing Cleveland and the Yankees all week), I shall arrive home in Michigan just in time to see the final game of the homestand! So hopefully the Tygs will be on a huge roll by then and I’ll get to see them sweep the Yankees. (Yeah, I’m a tiny bit over-optimistic sometimes.)


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