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In Which Little Nate Gets Robbed Again
August 24, 2007, 11:42 am
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And this time not by Jason Grilli. By the Indians. Little Nate just can’t catch a break apparently. Let us review. Eight and two-thirds shutout innings. No walks. Just barely good enough for a no decision, because once again our offense decided to take the day off. And Zoom actually looked like a pitcher who’s been sidelined the past innumerable months.

How big was that collective groan when Mr. Moonshot’s moonshot went foul? With all the Tigers fans in the world, I bet we were heard from space. Well, maybe not that far away. And then we blew a golden shot in the bottom of the ninth. All this after Saturday’s debacle, which after that brief mention I will now put into the Box O’ Repression. Thus we are 2 1/2 back as we head into a four game series with the Evil Empire.

We gotta pull it together and play like it’s 2006. That’s all I’m gonna say, cause I feel like a broken record. Interesting random note: The basic natures of my parents are now at war, thanks to the Tigers. Mom is making gloom and doom pronouncements at every opportunity, and now she’s got ammo, I hate to admit; and Dad of course, who is at heart a delusional Brooklyn Dodgers fan, maintains that the Tigers are in a fine position and will be in the playoffs at the end of the season.

Here are the pitching matchups for the Yankees series. Tonight will feature the Rocket against the Kid, Roger Clemens vs. Andrew Miller. Rocket’s been at least a little mortal this season (what he’s played of it) but then again Miller’s mortal too. Gods don’t strain hamstrings. Hopefully Clemens still has bad juju when it comes to Comerica Park–remember when he was going for Win 300 in 2003 against basically the Mud Hens, and somehow the Tigers took that game to (many) extra innings and denied him the milestone? Mmmm, good times. Game 2 will be Bondo vs. Wang. Just because Wang annoys me in general, I’ll give the edge to Bondo (with the caveat, of course, that somehow he manages NOT to give up any runs in the first inning.) I drool at the prospect of Game 3, because that could be reeeeeally cool–Phil Hughes, who the Yankees have been high on forever, vs. Jair Jurrjens (who henceforward shall be referred to as JJ, following Todd Jones’ lead). If JJ pitches like he has the past two games (with a bit more resemblance to his second start), that could turn into a big W for us.

Which brings us to Game 4, which has more than the usual significance for yours truly. Verlander vs. Mussina, first of all. Mussina’s been SUCKING, which is highly uplifting, and Justin is Justin. I remember my parents calling me from Oakland when the Tigers came (this was after I’d gone back to school) to tell me how flippin’ impressed they were with Justin. I’ve only gotten to see him pitch once, and that was the second game of this year’s Oakland series. Bleh. I will be present and accounted for at Game 4, hopefully to watch Justin kick some major ass on those pinstripers. Not only that, but Monday will my first day back in Michigan for good!! (For good meaning for my senior year.) I think that even if the Tigers should lose, gods forbid, I will be floating around like a drunken bumblebee (or a knuckleball!) and unable to stop smiling. In case this wasn’t obvious, I can’t WAIT to get home to Michigan!!!!!


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Maybe that’s the turn of good luck they are looking for. Welcome back to Michigan!!

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