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Mmmmm, That Was a Drubbin’!
August 28, 2007, 5:24 am
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Sorry for my recent absence, but I can’t promise it won’t be happening for the next couple days. Everything’s been insane with getting ready to move back to Ann Arbor, and today I’m moving into my new apartment. There will be rampant and delightful insanity probably for the next week. Heehee, I’m home!!

Last night we got off the plane in Detroit and headed straight for the ballpark. Do not pass Go do not collect $200. We (we being me and my parents) spotted Jonesy behind the batting cage, where he and Al Leiter talked animatedly for twenty minutes or so. We’d yell his name whenever he turned sort of in our direction, and getting nothing, we’d almost decided to head up to the Tigers stores to do some bigtime shopping (the only kind I like!). And then Jonesy turned and made a beeline for us! There was this tunnel right next to where we were, so he came into the mouth of it for hugs (me and Mom) and a handshake (Dad). We didn’t get to chat too long but it was so fantastic to see him in Detroit!!! He said something about we should have a good night, and all three of us went, No, you have a good night and we’ll have one. As in beat the Yankees or we won’t be gleeful.

And boy did the Tygs ever give the Yankees a thrashing!!! Even Mom had fun–she absolutely HATES the Yankees. She was doing little dances up in our nosebleed seats, and talking up a storm with this sweet Canadian guy sitting with us. Hits galore and pitching like we love to see from Justin Verlander. We scored one in the first, two in the second, three in the third and Dad said at this rate we were going to beat the Yankees 45-0. Which would have been really cool, but I’ll take 16-0 won’t you? Especially since Cleveland won, so we just kept pace.

It’s hard to decide what to even focus on, there was so much good stuff!!! Verlander went seven fantastic innings on a night when the bullpen really needed a rest; we lit up Mussina, with every starter plus Maybin getting a hit of some kind; Polly hit a homer!!!!; Brandon hit three doubles!!! and wonder of wonders, Casey of all people tripled!!! I saw him make the turn for third and just started laughing–not derisively or anything, of course, cause I love Casey, but when somebody as slow as Sean is about to get a triple off the YANKEES how can you not giggle? Man, the seventh inning was just serendipitous. A lovely little merry-go-round of Tygs trotting around the bases. That bases-clearing double by Brandon was so sweet, since he’s one of our faves and he’s been struggling. And then to see Maybin get to stretch his legs a bit with the RBI double … mmmm.

With Maybin in and a 16-0 lead, Leyland gave him center and put Curtis in left. Can’t say I recall the last time Curtis played left. That could just be because I have a really bad memory, haha. But anyways, hilariously each ball of the eighth inning that became an out was hit to Grandy, who pulled everything in gracefully. Even Mom had to agree with me when I started rhapsodizing about how beautiful he is, whatever he’s doing in the game.

And thus we took three of four from the Yankees, our first series win in a million years. I very much enjoyed the first game (imagine my surprise to get home from a night out on the West Coast and find the Tigers still on!!) and beating the Yankees in 11 innings after a four hour rain delay (they could not in good conscience send all those incredible people who stayed to the end home with a loss), but I think I enjoyed this more. Probably the most of any regular season game I’ve ever attended! Love to see the Tigers win, love to see them beat the living crap out of anyone, but to do it to the Yankees? Oh, paradise.


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Great game. Normally blowouts bore me, but this was fully entertained. I was rooting for them to at least score 20!

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